The fight that brought my attention to Giorgio Petrosyan

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Back when I started Muay Thai, I did not know much about Muay Thai fights or fighters. However, I started watching Buakaw in K-1 and his skill inspired me to grow in my game tremendously. During this year though of 2009 Buakaw fought against Andy Souwer and lost (which I thought was controversial but I didn’t know much about K-1 rules). So I watched the remaining fighters in the final 4 bracket. Giorgio defeated Yuya Yamamoto and Dhzabar Askerov very skillfully with his precise knees and punches. Another person that inspired me to be great at my craft and sharpen my tools so it becomes so precise like a needle. He ended up fighting Souwer for the finals and winning the title that year. Here’s his fight against Yuya.